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Business Consulting

We Listen. We Care. We Get Results.

At Business Broker Coach we provide business owners and general managers of Business Broking Agencies, with individually tailored solutions to leverage, improve, grow, and scale their brokerage’s in accordance with their corporate vision, mission, and organizational goals.

We utilize our in-depth market knowledge and experience to identify key areas of opportunity for improvement to their people, performance, systems, procedures, and profit.

In part, our Business Consulting services assist operationally, to de-risk the brokerage through the implementation, analysis of, and insertion of structure into the organization where required.  In turn, this allows our clients to reduce their stress levels and regain control of their brokerage and their lives.

Business Consulting can take on numerous forms and can be project or needs based, long term or short term.  It can also be tailored to suit your individual budget.

Frequently, we find our services can lead to other areas of business improvement, such as Business Coaching and/or Sales Training for Brokers, which we are also adept at providing, if required.

As the Principal of a Business Brokerage, no matter whether you’re a seasoned professional, or just starting out, when clients require the assistance of an operational industry expert, they call on the services of our resident Broker Growth Consultant, Darren M. Giles who is a MAUS Certified Business Advisor, with in excess of 30 years business and industry experience.

We offer a Complimentary, Leadership Quiz, which you will find the link for just below.  If you have a few moments spare, we would love you to complete the quiz and see how you fare. Or if time is short, simply reach out to one of our friendly team, to organize a gratuitous no-obligation chat, at a time that is convenient for you!

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